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Pila alcalina de OEM Super "TINKO" tamaño 9V 1pcs/blister (tinko batería)

Información básica

Modelo: 6LR61

Descripción del producto

6LR61 pila super alcalina
1 básico information

1,Type: 6LR61(9V)

2,Capacity: 520 mAh (35 mA,24h/d, e.v.=5.4V)

3.,Nominal voltage: 9V

4.Duration period: 5 years

5.,Weight: 45 g approx

6.,Chemical system: Zinc/KOH-H2O/MnO2

2 Advantage

,Appearance: No tolerance of scratches, stains, cracks, deformation,
lakage, and any or all flaws that may impact the battery effectiveness
and performance.


3 range
características y aplicaciones

This product is applicable to continuous high-current discharging, by adopting
strong KOH as its electrolyte, with a high-density of output current, and 6-8
times capacity than carbon-zinc battery. The product is applicable broadly to
electronic toy, strong-lighting, electronic tools, razors, photo flash, instruments

and appliances, and walkie-talkie, etc.


4 plazo de expedición: 10-25workdays

5. pago: depoist del 30% y 70% balance paga para arriba antes del envío.

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